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Allow us get a feel of your project and we will start tailoring the right visual identity for you.
No need for hand-holding, we understand both community consensus and corporate environments.

Logos and brand guidelines is where our roots are. Ura has helped over 100 open source projects with branding and logo design services, ranging from small one-man projects to fully-fledged visual identities seen by millions.

We are specialized in privacy-preserving, secure and decentralized design patterns. Polish your product experience with a design system and mockups. No developer hand-off needed, we integrate into your existing process.

We help you improve usability by conducting interviews with users and assist your project with informed design decisions instead of going by our gut feeling. We also offer accessibility consultancy to ensure your product is accessible by everyone.

We prioritize on getting your message across clearly and consistently with a tone which fits your project. Bringing an international experience onboard we know the importance of interface copy and tone when it comes to a good user experience.

“Ura understood the needs of the community when we worked on a styleguide for the Tor Project, delivering a polished result.”
Sara Sinclair Brody

Sara Sinclair Brody

Simply Secure
“We loved working with Ura for Oxidize.
From research over design to implementation, everything worked great.”
Florian Gilcher

Florian Gilcher

Ferrous Systems / Rust-Lang
“The folks at Ura were very professional in learning our expectations, planning the project, and being flexible as things changed.”

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